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Grandmaster Jeff Smith - The DC Bomber

Grandmaster Jeff Smith aka The DC Bomber

Hall of fame martial artist and kickboxing legend is comign to LEMA

on Sat Feb. 9th for two exciting workshops.

Children 10-11:30am.

Adults 1-3pm. 

Sign up today.  Space is limited!

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Free Realtor Self Defense

Free Realtor Self Defense Workshop Presented by 

Leading Edge Martial Arts & Upper Macungie Township

Coming this Fall 2022

Women's Self Defense workshop presented by Leading Edge Martial Arts & Upper Macungie Township

In this 1 ½ hour class, you will:
1. Receive tips on how to avoid being a target and potential victim.
2. Learn how to deal with a situation once it has presented itself.
3. Learn easy to use yet effective striking
4. Learn hands on self defense moves when grabbed by an attacker.
5. Have the opportunity to practice all these skills on volunteers from Leading Edge Martial Arts.

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