Women's Self Defense

In this FREE 1 ½ hour class, you will:
1. Receive tips on how to avoid being a target and potential victim.
2. Learn how to deal with a situation once it has presented itself.
3. Learn easy to use yet effective striking techniques.
4. Learn hands on self defense moves when grabbed by an attacker.
5. Have the opportunity to practice all these skills on volunteers from Leading Edge Martial Arts.

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Women's Self Defense

Upcoming Women's Self Defense Events


Free Women's Self Defense

Weds April 13th

Presented by LEMA and Upper Macungie Township

Registration 7:30pm Workshop 7:45pm

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Free Anti-Bullying / Stranger Danger Workshop

Free Child Safety and Anti-Bullying Workshop Presented by 

Leading Edge Martial Arts & Upper Macungie Township

Tues. May 10th, 2022
Registration 6:15pm Workshop 6:30pm

Workshop topics:

*Anti Bullying - “Being a bully doesn’t make you cool. It makes you a FOOL!”

*Stranger Danger - “Help! Stranger! I don’t know you!” Always trust your gut and run to a trusted adult.

*Education - “Knowledge is power!” Education is our key to becoming whatever we want when we grow up.

*Self Defense - Knowing martial arts comes with the responsibility of knowing when and when not to use it.

*Discipline - “I love discipline!”

This program is presented as a community service. Our goal at Leading Edge Martial Arts is to help children build confidence, discipline, a non-quitting spirit, respect for self and others, and focus on education while teaching them self defense in a fun, pro-active environment. Stay safe!


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