Kinder Kicks  

Start them young. #LEMAstrong

Kinder Kicks is a program for 3 and young 4 year olds.  Our program meets once a week and runs in 8 week sessions.  The cost of the program is $200 per session.  

Our Kinder Kicks program focuses on developing a very basic understanding of what martial arts is and when it is appropriate to use it.  Students are introduced to topics like stranger danger and bullying.  Coordination and fitness is developed through a combination of fun fitness drills as well some basic martial arts movements.  There is a strong emphasis on developing discipline and self control while students are taught to take their turn and follow instructrions the first time.  

Class availabliity is limited so inqure today.  

Two Upcoming Sessions -

Session begins Nov 2nd.  6:45pm   *Now enrolling.*

Session beings Nov 30th. 5:45pm  *Exisiting members renew now*  Open enrollment begins 11-17-21

Upcoming Sessions


Upcoming Session(2022 )

Two Upcoming Sessions:

6:45pm Session beginning Tues Feb 1st at 6:45pm

Existing Members Renew today!

Enrollment opens to Public on Jan 19th 2022

5:45pm Session beginning Tues March 1st at 5:45pm

Existing Members Renew today!

Enrollment opens to Public on Feb 16th 2022

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